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4 reasons housing providers must revise their Telecare needs post COVID-19

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This guide reveals the findings from research and interviews with 120 senior executives from providers of supported, sheltered and retirement housing.

With 85% of housing providers claiming their perceptions on the use of technology have changed as a result of COVID-19 discover how housing providers plan to use technology, and where they will be prioritising their investment.

Gain insight into where senior executives see greater use of technology within their organisations, as 74% feel that their requirements for telecare and wellbeing technologies have changed as a result of the pandemic.

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As reported in the guide ‘4 reasons housing providers must revise their Telecare needs post COVID-19’, 74% of housing providers feel that their requirements for telecare and wellbeing technologies have changed as a result of the pandemic.
This webinar will explore the role TECS suppliers play in meeting these new requirements, and delve into the opportunities for supported housing providers that have been presented as a result of COVID-19.



Hotel Transforms to Support Wigan Council during the Covid-19 Pandemic


The Covid-19 crisis has seen a lot of people and places having to adapt to support the national effort, with conference centres, theatres and even football stadiums transforming their functions to become field hospitals to support patients battling against the virus. Even a Mercure Hotel, in Wigan has found itself swapping their usual business and weekend getaway guests to be a place for rest and recuperation for patients on their way home from hospital. Jane Stevens,

Wigan Oak HotelAssistive Technology Manager for Wigan Council shared more about the project, and how they worked with Cair UK to provide assistive technology to support the patients and staff.  Two floors of the Mercure Hotel have been utilised, for anybody who needs to use the site, to facilitate blockages relating to Covid-19. The intention was to provide a place of support for those recovering, but needed to isolate away from home, or for those who would normally benefit from a step-down setting post-discharge. There has been a mix of people who have
benefitted from the facility, including enabling carer respite for a family in need. The facility is monitored by staff 24/7, by staff who have been re-deployed within the council. To ensure that every person resting in their rooms has the ability to call for help, assistive technology was a must to enable their safety, and for the staff to be able to work as effectively as possible. Each room has the Cair Onyx pendant, which a patient can trigger to call for help should they feel unwell. The pendants are connected to 2 Buzzz pagers, which are monitored by
members of staff. At night-time, where reduced cover is needed, one of the Buzzz pagers is given to security, so that the member of staff can call for help should they need assistance. There are also door contacts which monitor the movements of the front and back entries, to ensure the safety of all on the hotel floors. Each individual who has a stay here, is assessed to understand their needs and identify any other assistive technology needed, which can be added to the solution quickly and easily.

Jane said “Cair quickly responded to our request which enabled us to set up the assistive technology in a short period. We always choose the Buzzz pager because of its ease of use and simplicity. The staff working at this site have come from all different parts of the council, and although some are, many aren’t used to working in a care environment. I needed to ensure that any equipment was going to be simple to use, and with the Buzzz you can easily name the sensors, and alarms are easy to acknowledge. I like equipment that does what it says on the box, that’s what I always consider when I purchase anything, and the Cair equipment does that. Another reason for choosing the Buzzz was that it collects data, and that’s important for us at this site”.

Digital Telecare: Supporting Self-Isolation


Digital telecare offers extended functionality and features that are able to support housing organisations and their customers through self-isolation and the associated changes in working processes.

A number of our customers have been utilising these capabilities to support communication with residents and changes in the way they operate, to meet the governments criteria on self-isolation.

Our recent webinar explored these practices with you, and provided some guidance, with useful instructions, on how our own Smart Living Solutions can make things a little easier.

Smart Living Solutions – Creating a connected environment

A connected environment can provide a richer living experience for customers, and meet changing expectations. Our webinar explored how our digital telecare suite Smart Living Solutions expands the functionality of telecare equipment. Through Bluetooth, WiFi and the AppelloApp, we are able to tackle some of the long standing challenges with telecare equipment, whilst enabling vulnerable demographics to benefit from many mainstream technologies.

Our webinar showed:
– How Smart Living Solutions can act as a WiFI hotspot, enabling customers to access the internet off their own devices.

– How Bluetooth connectivity means off the shelf products can be connected to improve the telecare experience

– How the AppelloApp can provide greater mobility to telecare and support customers where ever they are in their home.

If you missed these webinars or to find the latest information on our response to Coronavirus please visit our dedicated webpage.

Head of Marketing


Corona Virus Statement (10th April 2020) Legrand


Supporting Staff In Care And Nursing With Legrand Solidarity 

Since the start of the current global health crisis, The Legrand Group has launched a series of measures aimed at protecting both its employees and its customers globally. These measures contribute to restraining the spread of the Coronavirus, while ensuring continuity of service for its customers and partners. Based on this unprecedented mobilisation, Legrand contributes to the ongoing solidarity efforts to contain the social and economic impact of COVID-19.

Legrand has already deployed various solidarity initiatives in support of hospital staff and caregivers across the world, including the following:

  • In Spain, the assisted living team retained essential manufacturing capabilities in order to ensure that independent living solutions were able to be deployed across Spain and to the wider European market.
  • In the United States, a cable management solution was developed within 4 days to supply power to 2000 beds in field hospitals in the state of New York. In the state of Indiana, a production line for display screens has been converted to the manufacture of cloth masks.
  • In France, the logistics platform at Verneuil-en-Halatte mobilised its resources to enable delivery within 24 hours of components to a customer producing medical respirators.
  • In India, a university hospital in Kolkata, was converted into a specialised centre dedicated to the treatment of Coronavirus patients and was equipped with the Group’s UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) to ensure continuity of energy distribution.
  • In Italy, emergency solutions (especially bedhead units, nurse call devices and VDI cabling systems) were provided for temporary hospitals set up in Milan and Bergamo.
  • In the Netherlands, a videoconferencing system was donated to a retirement home in Eindhoven, to facilitate maintaining links between residents and their relatives.
  • In the United Kingdom, the Aid Call Touchsafe Pro emergency nurse call system was installed into several Nightingale field hospitals and various hospitals where areas had been re-purposed for new wards. The Tynetec Reach IP and Touch 2 pendants were also deployed as a plug and play option to support hospital discharge. For alarm receiving centres operating an Answerlink system, customers have been offered a remote working module which enables calls to be handled from anywhere in addition to an automated reassurance and reminders module which frees up valuable resources and saves time for call handlers ensuring focus can be maintained on the wellbeing of the most vulnerable in our society.

These projects and initiatives will be amplified even further in the weeks and months ahead.

The Legrand Group is also committed to supporting vulnerable and elderly people at this difficult time and recently announced the creation of a solidarity fund dedicated to care and nursing for the elderly. This fund is intended to provide support to staff in specialised facilities such as care and nursing homes.

The fund will offer its support to the largest possible number of institutions and care staff, Legrand will work with its Foundation, created in 2014 with the purpose, in particular, of acting against the exclusion of vulnerable persons and those experiencing loss of autonomy. Staff in such care facilities, who are under considerable pressure in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, will be helped, for example, to finance hotel accommodation close to their place of work so as to avoid long-distance commuting, thereby protecting both their own families and nursing home residents.

This way, Legrand wishes to act tangibly to improve the living conditions and comfort of healthcare staff in nursing homes for elderly people who are in the frontline day after day fighting the pandemic. The fund is open to contributions from both businesses and individuals wishing to join this solidarity initiative.

Benoît Coquart, Legrand Chief Executive Officer, stated: “Faced with this unprecedented health crisis, many solidarity gestures have been deployed by our employees all over the world in aid of the most fragile and the most exposed. The setting-up of this solidarity fund is a perfect example, which aims to support nursing home staff who more than ever need our solidarity. I would like to warmly thank all of our employees for the commitment and solidarity they have shown ever since the crisis began.”


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Corona Virus Statement (March 2020) The KeySafe Company

David Ogden
David Ogden



Dear Friend/Industry Colleague,

None of us would be in this industry if we weren’t dedicated or passionate about delivering exceptional solutions and services in order to facilitate the safety and wellbeing of the elderly or vulnerable in our communities. That said, never before in our 25 years, have we ever felt so honoured, so privileged or so humbled to be part of such an amazing industry filled with such amazing people.

We would simply like to thank everyone who is working tirelessly in order to help protect the NHS and others on the frontline, expedite hospital discharge and enable patients to return to the safety of their own homes with the peace of mind that end-to-end telecare/telehealth solutions have been implemented. We know first-hand the long hours people are working and the pressures we are all under so whilst “thank you” under these circumstances feels like an inadequate platitude everyone here at Supra UK Limited – The Key Safe Company does thank you for everything that you are doing, wholeheartedly and sincerely.

As an industry, as members of industry associations and as a community we should take a step back (for just a moment) and be proud of what we are achieving together.

Take care of each other and stay safe.

David Ogden


COVID-19/Coronavirus Statement (26 March 2020) Tunstall Healthcare


We are continuing to work with our customers and staff to minimise the effects of COVID-19 in line with the advice from Government. We have taken active steps aimed at business continuity, for us and our customers and we continue to explore all options to mitigate against the impact of COVID-19 on areas of our business and supply chain.

We are in daily contact with industry partners to have mitigating actions in place and continue to closely monitor the evolving nature of this situation.

We have taken actions in line with the Government’s guidance and enabled home working where possible.

Tunstall Response
In addition to our existing business continuity plan, Tunstall Response has assembled a crisis management team to tackle the effects of the COVID-19 on service delivery, their focus to ensure the architecture, infrastructure, network and deployment at Tunstall Response is prepared for all eventualities. This includes increased offsite working, running live across both available monitoring centres to increase social distancing, additional personnel to increase calls handling capacity and a reduction in non-essential activities.

Maintenance support
We have issued detailed guidance to our engineers regarding how they can protect customers and themselves when visiting sites for emergency repairs. To date, our maintenance service has had minimal impact, however we have contingency plans in place to redeploy existing staff to areas of need if this becomes necessary.

Manufacturing and supply chain
Tunstall continues to manufacture and despatch orders to support its customers, whilst adhering to workforce Government guidelines on long term conditions and self-isolation.

Tunstall’s standard stocking policy is to hold six weeks of component buffer stocks either at our suppliers, or in-house for goods that are manufactured by Tunstall in the UK.  In addition, we have additional stocks of finished goods held at our Whitley site.  We have been increasing our stock holding in the event we may need to mitigate against the effects of COVID-19.

The current status of manufacturing in China is generally positive and the supply chain is returning to normal and no manufactured product has halted production. At this time we are not experiencing any shortages in our European supply chain and the majority of our UK-based key suppliers are working and therefore delivery is not currently being affected. Freight carriers are currently operating throughout Europe and China.

Next steps
Any changes to this position will be communicated as soon as possible.


 Other News & Press Releases

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GDS Digital: Putting Digital at the Heart of the Community


In an increasingly internet-enabled world, providing users with access to digital tools and services is critical to transforming the way people live and the way organisations operate. Ensuring affordable, secure connectivity is a critical first step on that journey; enabling better information, healthcare, communication, and video interactions.

Throughout COVID-19, GDS Digital’s assistive technology has been able to help numerous organisations develop resilient services and solutions including reduced isolation and improving the wellbeing of people through easier communications, apps, video welfare checks, remote monitoring and also GP consultations.  Our community app is also helping build new connected groups of interest, as well as support, in an informative but fully secure environment.

Professional remote care has never been easier with the GDS Digital secure video platform which also can use sensors, devices and IoT to remotely monitor the welfare and settings of patients. There are significant moves within the NHS, Councils and Housing organisations to work together when it comes to planning for and delivering future services. GDS Digital can help facilitate this to happen effectively through shared connectivity, infrastructure and devices, to reach elderly, vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

What are the outcomes of this?

  • Managing long-term conditions with reduced admissions
  • Better design and monitoring of care packages
  • Reduced delayed transfer of care (DTOC)
  • Reduced falls and improved wellbeing
  • Better active aging and rehabilitation
  • Better independent living & self-support with family communications
  • Reduced isolation with connected communities

GDS Digital believes that all citizens should be able to manage information, problem-solve, create, transact and communicate in the digital world. There has never been a better time to explore the unprecedented opportunities offered by emerging digital technologies such as cloud, mobile and IoT. We can bring these together for you, to enable your remote health and care services in the community.

For more information about GDS Digital you can visit the website here.


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Tunstall Healthcare reveals its plans for continued growth


Following its recent announcement of new inward investment, Tunstall Healthcare has described how its financial restructuring is helping secure its continued growth, and the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has presented significant opportunities as well as the industry challenges.

Like many businesses, Tunstall has been impacted by the devastating pandemic. Despite this, Tunstall has continued to manufacture and to support its customers throughout the lockdown, with the vast majority of employees able to continue their work either from their home environment or safely within the offices or continued presence for key workers, at customer sites. A small number of staff have been furloughed, but as restrictions ease, these colleagues, along with many others, are returning to office-based working, whilst strictly adhering to Government guidance.

Although the pandemic affected Tunstall’s installation capability for a time, working practices have been adapted and onsite works have now been resumed. Tunstall has also worked closely with its managed service telecare customers, to deliver close to normal service levels during the outbreak, and Tunstall Response monitoring provision has been uninterrupted.

Gavin Bashar, MD of Tunstall Healthcare Uk & Ireland, said: “Our Innovation & Development department continues to enhance our product offerings, working in partnership with our many customers, helping to transition our business to be even more orientated towards the provision of software and services. We continue to pioneer and the next phase of our technology roadmap is focused on implementing the Tunstall Cognitive Care model, which gives providers intelligent data-driven insight, to enable them to optimise their Population Health Management programmes by providing personalised and preventive care.”

As the UK slowly returns to a level of normality, Tunstall has taken the opportunity to review the evolving health, housing and social care landscape, and aligned its business to the dynamic and rapidly changing markets that it has successfully led for decades. New and enhanced team structures have been put in place to ensure resources are attuned to market demands and geographical requirements and, can support the expected acceleration of health and social care integration.

Gavin continued: “For over 60 years, Tunstall has continuously evolved, improving its products and services to meet the needs of its customers. We continue to adapt our business, welcoming new colleagues and focusing our efforts on the areas which will most benefit our customers and the people and communities they support. Despite the difficulties of the last few months, we have seen some very positive effects, with the growing recognition of the value of delivering health and care services remotely and the importance of technology in enabling person-centred models of care.

“There has been a willingness to collaborate and an acceleration in the adoption of remote healthcare technologies which means we remain well placed to continue to lead the market in a post-COVID world. We continue to strengthen, build and develop our propositions, solutions and capabilities, and align our strategy and resources towards our industry, markets, customers and the communities we all serve.”

For more information on how assistive technology can benefit carers and the resources available, please visit




Oysta Launch the Oysta Lite to Aid Confidence after Lockdown


As we begin to ease out of lockdown, Oysta Technology have fast-forwarded the release of their latest telecare solution, in the hope that it will offer peace of mind to the Vulnerable Independent People (VIP) that use it and their families.

After weeks within the confines of the home, it is natural that although shielded people are keen to be out and about again, there is a degree of caution and anxiety. Confidence at being out alone might be diminished and families of VIP’s living on their own might be reluctant to let them venture out independently.

Featuring sophisticated location finding and secure, reliable communication, the Oysta Lite has now been introduced to market. Designed to offer VIP’s fast access to help, wherever or whenever they should need it, one push of the one-touch SOS button will put the VIP in touch with a 2-way friendly voice via the clear loudspeaker on the device, providing them with the assistance that they need.

Linking to Oysta’s powerful IntelliCare platform which provides status monitoring, reporting and device management, the VIP is under the 24/7 cloak of care that Oysta provides. Whatever the time of day, wherever the location, the Oysta Lite will alert the telecare service provider, who will quickly trace and locate the VIP.

Mario Zuccaro, CEO of Oysta Technology believes the timing of the Oysta Lite could not be better:

“We all understand that we are approaching a new normal when it comes to living our lives and ensuring the well-being of our family. After so many weeks inside, to suddenly have a degree of freedom outside. However, knowing the mental and physical benefits of exercise and being out it is a hurdle that we must feel confident in jumping. We feel that the Oysta Lite is the perfect tool to enable this. Providing confidence for the VIP and reassurance for the family or carer/s that should the VIP experience any distress and need help, they can reliably access that help.

“For additional peace of mind, carers and family have the option to set Safety Zones on the Oysta Lite, which is particularly beneficial for VIPs who may be living with conditions that cause them to get lost or confused. Should the VIP wander out of that zone, an alert will be raised and assistance co-ordinated.”

In a time where the safety and care of our most vulnerable is paramount, Oysta hope that the Oysta Lite can alleviate some of the worries of families throughout the UK and Europe.

For further information please visit:

Oysta Lite






TECS Contract with West Sussex County Council and NHS goes Live


NRS is delighted to announce the successful ‘go live’ of our new Technology Enabled Care contract for West Sussex County Council and NHS.

The contract started on Tuesday 19th May with new referrals being received on day one. Having been awarded the contract in late February, the implementation was delivered during the COVID-19 lockdown period, presenting a number of new challenges for the teams.

Sue Tivey, Senior Contracts Officer for Adults and Health Services directorate in West Sussex County Council said:

“I have been pleased and impressed by NRS Healthcare’s implementation of the West Sussex Technology Enabled Care (TEC) contract. The NRS Healthcare team have worked closely with the teams in West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and the NHS to deliver an effective and smooth implementation. As the implementation was delivered through the period of the COVID-19 crisis it is even more impressive.

NRS Healthcare has worked flexibly with us to adapt both the process of implementation, and the contract to fit these difficult circumstances whilst still delivering to our needs. They have demonstrated strong planning, communication and the ability to address the unforeseen and changing circumstances as they have arisen. Their ability to work with WSCC and the NHS, and use their experience of TEC to co-create with us solutions to these issues has helped us deliver the new contract on time even with all the challenges COVID-19 has presented. I am delighted that this new contract has now gone live on time and to plan and am looking forward to continuing to work in partnership with the team to deliver all our expectations for this ambitious new contract.”

The new TEC contract for West Sussex, covering up to 7 years, will involve a full service from NRS. This will include acting as a Development Partner for WSCC and the NHS to develop new technology offerings; a ‘Technology First’ cultural change programme; Benefits Tracking to show the savings and other benefits TEC is delivering; as well as a clinically led full triage, assessment, delivery, monitoring and response service for all funded TEC users across the County. NRS will also offer options for those purchasing their own TEC. The contract will be ‘Digital from Day One’ focusing on only providing digital TEC equipment. This will put West Sussex in a strong position for the Digital Switchover, and enable a range of innovations in providing new and improved support for users.

The TEC contract is in addition to NRS Healthcare’s existing contract with WSCC and the local NHS, providing Integrated Community Equipment Services (ICES).

It also adds to NRS’ full service TEC contracts already being delivered for North Yorkshire County Council, Buckinghamshire County Council, West Berkshire Council and Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust. Combined with other TEC services provided for Lincolnshire County Council, Oxfordshire County Council, Herefordshire Council, Powys County Council and Cambridgeshire County Council & Peterborough City Council, the new West Sussex TEC contract adds to NRS’ leading position in this dynamic and innovative sector.


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PPP Taking Care becomes the first and only Which? Approved Personal Alarm Service


In the current climate, it is critical that the elderly and vulnerable can be certain that the services they purchase are reliable, resilient and trustworthy. In response to this need, leading telecare provider PPP Taking Care has worked with the independent consumer body Which? to become the first personal alarm provider to achieve the Which? Trusted Trader Approved Service endorsement.

Providing reassurance during uncertain times
Many personal alarm users rely on the service to stay safe, so telecare providers owe it to their customers to ensure that the lifesaving telecare solutions they offer remain unaffected during disasters or emergencies.
As the largest personal alarm provider in the UK, PPP Taking Care understands that telecare operators provide essential and life-saving services to many vulnerable and older adults and that their top priority must always be the safety of their customers.

The Importance of a Which? Endorsement
Which? Trusted Traders, run by the independent consumer body Which?, is an endorsement scheme designed to help consumers find service providers and traders that they know they can trust and rely on, which is critical in our current climate.
In order to become a Which? Trusted Trader, PPP Taking Care has had to pass a thorough endorsement process involving an in-depth assessment of their services and processes. These assessments included company credit checks, customer references, as well as a visit by a professional Which? Trusted Traders assessor, with extensive trading standards training.
Due to their Which? Trusted Traders Approved Service endorsement, consumers can now have even more confidence when choosing PPP Taking care as their Telecare provider. This endorsement reflects PPP Taking Care’s commitment to excellent and reliable customer service and their people focused values.



Tunstall Healthcare secures funding to support continued growth


8th April 2020 – Tunstall Healthcare (Tunstall or “the Company”), a leading global provider of software solutions and services and technology for the telecare and telehealth markets, today announces that it has secured funding to support its continued growth.

Tunstall integrates smart technology with high quality monitoring and support services to give individuals increased independence, improved quality of life and wider choice in their care options. The Company designs, manufactures and sells monitoring units, sensors and software that enables the elderly, frail or the chronically ill to continue to live independently and to reduce social care and hospital visits or medical attention.

In recent years, Tunstall has grown substantially and evolved from an equipment provider to a software solution and technology company that provides telehealth and telecare managed services. In this time, the Company has almost doubled the number of users managed by its systems, while increasing its geographic footprint across Europe. Tunstall now operates in 17 countries globally and supports more than 5 million end users through its technology and service offerings.

The new funding shows a significant commitment from Tunstall’s lenders and will provide the Company with flexibility and improve the overall financial strength of the business. It will allow Tunstall to continue to build on the good work done to date. For example, Tunstall is developing new systems to help monitor chronic long-term conditions and predict when further care may be needed. This approach can enable people to live independently for longer, while benefitting healthcare systems by reducing unnecessary clinic and A&E visits.

For instance, Tunstall worked with NHS Calderdale clinical commissioning to use tele-healthcare to improve patient care, resulting in a 68% reduction in bed days and 26% reduction in hospital admissions year on year, representing a saving of £799,561 from reduced hospital stays. Tunstall’s analysis suggests that if this approach was scaled across NHS England, the value of capacity released would be close to £1bn a year, with estimated savings of 2.5 million bed days.

Tunstall is pleased that Barings, M&G and the lender group, as anchor investors, have agreed to support the Company’s development and work to improve healthcare outcomes. This long-term financing provides flexibility for continued growth and innovation, allowing Tunstall to continue to deliver on its plan to transform into a leading software-focused technology company in the field of digital telecare and telehealth.

Gavin Bashar
Managing Director
Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd.



National report calls for public sector leaders to maximise digital outcomes.


This new report from the Good Governance Institute (GGI) and Legrand Assisted Living and Healthcare calls for immediate action to embrace digital solutions, building on a programme of research and engagement with senior leaders from the health, care, and housing sectors. There is growing recognition that the public sector improvements we need cannot be delivered simply by delivering services in the same way, or even by becoming more efficient. New systems approaches are required in order to achieve improved health and wellbeing outcomes for communities throughout the UK.

The report calls for Board members to adapt the digital strategic direction of their organisations, working in collaboration with diverse partners from across sectors to form new alliances. Unleashing the Digital Premium refers to the potential that digital technology has to deliver these improved outcomes through more cost effective, efficient and reliable services, and by supporting greater independence for individuals and their families.

The Digital Premium is a fundamental enabler of national policy across the NHS and Local Government, including greater prevention of ill health, offering more flexibility in the delivery of services, and supporting individuals to live independently for longer. The report identifies barriers and opportunities facing Board members in order to make the digital premium a reality, including;

  • a sufficient focus on improving outcomes for communities
  • the collection of data and how it is shared with partners
  • access to relevant expertise
  • diverse stakeholder engagement in developing and delivering digital strategy

The Unleashing the Digital Premium report is being launched at the House of Lords on Tuesday 25th February 2020. GGI and Legrand Assisted Living and Healthcare are seeking further views and perspectives in response to the report and will be hosting future events to continue discussion on this important topic for the future of the public sector.  Get involved by contacting  or and engaging with #DigitalPremium on social media to share your views and experience.

The full report can be downloaded from the GGI website or Legrand ALH website from Wednesday 26th February.

Find the report at or



Legrand Speakers Line up

From left to right : Chris Dodd Managing Director Legrand Assisted living & Healthcare, Wendy Kendall Sales Director Legrand Assisted living & Healthcare , Glenys Thornton Shadow Spokesperson (Health) House of Lords, Mahood Adil Medical Director at NHS National Services Scotland & Clinical Data and Digital Lead, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Jeremy Porteous Chief Executive Housing LIN, Tony Greig CEO Legrand Electric.



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Appello acquires Medvivo’s Careline business

Medvivo Careline’s 37,000 telecare connections to benefit from Appello’s digital monitoring services


11 December 2019 – Appello, the UK’s largest telecare monitoring provider, has announced that it has successfully acquired Medvivo Careline Ltd, the telecare and out of hours call monitoring service business from Medvivo Group. The acquisition represents growth of circa 20 per cent for Appello’s monitoring business, taking its total connections towards 250,000.

Medvivo Careline Ltd, formerly known as Magna Careline, started trading in 1989 and provides alarm monitoring and comfort calls to help customers remain independent and safe within their homes.

Medvivo’s customers will continue to receive service of the highest order and with no disruption as a result of the transfer. In time they will also benefit from the market-leading functionality of Appello’s CareNet digital monitoring platform. This will provide additional peace of mind that, when needed, their calls will be answered quickly, efficiently and with excellent speech quality.

The acquisition is Appello’s second and largest acquisition of 2019 following the purchase of RedAssure Independent Living, a provider of telecare services from Worthing Homes in October.

Talking about their decision to select Appello, Liz Rugg, Managing Director at Medvivo said: “When we decided the time was right to exit telecare monitoring to focus on our core areas of strategic growth, such as providing integrated urgent care services across Bath and NE Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire, we knew we needed an excellent partner to take over the service. We chose Appello because we were impressed by their approach to quality of service, and their commitment and record in delivering customer experience improvements through innovation. We knew our customers would be safe and secure in the hands of Appello.”

Tim Barclay, CEO at Appello said: “Medvivo Careline have delivered a quality service for their customers for many years and we look forward to continuing that tradition. We felt a strong synergy because of our respective emphasis on service excellence and were attracted by their diverse customer base – from supported residential developments, to individuals living in their own homes in the community. The acquisition represents the continuation of our ambitious growth strategy and reinforces our position as the leading provider in the UK of both telecare monitoring and digital telecare services.



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Guinness Partnership kicks off transformation of its housing for older people with digital telecare from Appello


The new digital solution meets heightening customer demand for modern independent living and promotes digital inclusion

Guinness Partnership, a leading national provider of housing and care, is transforming its housing for older people with Appello’s digital telecare suite Smart Living Solutions (SLS). This move is part of Guinness’s plans to modernise its service offering for older people’s housing, helping its customers to live independently.

Guinness is consulting with its customers to gauge interest in a new package of services for older people for environmental, dementia friendly, independent living and technology improvements. As part of its new technology service offering, Guinness is introducing Appello’s digital telecare solution to 30 of its developments across England. Customers will benefit from the modern advantages of flat to flat and customer to manager video calls and video door entry for individual homes and communal areas.

Appello’s SLS can also integrate with Guinness’s ‘Go Guinness’ online self-service portal and app, designed to give its customers greater independence and freedom to report issues, view bills, pay rent, schedule repairs and keep their details up to date from a user-friendly tablet.

Independent Living Managers are supported with the new digital telecare solution, with the option of an ‘I’m OK’ dashboard in its management platform. Offered as an optional service for the Guinness customer, a manager can recognise if anyone hasn’t pressed their button in the morning, helping them to plan their home checks more efficiently and improve their time management. The digital alarm system also reduces connection times to Appello’s monitoring centre from minutes to just a few seconds, making a significant difference to emergency or life-threatening situations.

Wendy Wells, Head of Policy and Business Implementation at Guinness Care, said: “We want to give our customers digital telecare technology that enables them to live as independently as possible. Over the past 10 years there’s been a shift in requirements from our customers, particularly with an increased demand for more digital inclusion and modern homes that they are proud to live in and don’t show obvious signs of ageing; like traditional pull-cords for alarm systems.

“Appello’s offering is modern, well designed and fit for purpose, with one system alone giving us the ability to be responsive, preventative and promote digital inclusion. Whilst benefiting from the many advantages of digital solutions, we’re also ready for the current phased digital switchover of the analogue to digital telephone network by 2025.

Tim Barclay, CEO of Appello, said: “The Guinness Partnership has exciting aspirations to meet changing resident expectations and adopt new innovations. We are delighted to partner with them on these new initiatives to meet the present and future safety and well-being needs of its customers.

“Its vision for housing for older people is forward thinking and will help to support the welfare and independence of an ever growing ageing population.”



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Appello recognised for outstanding monitoring centre technology


Life critical CareNet platform, created by Appello, scoops top award for contact centre technology of the year at the 2019 UKCCF awards

Appello, a provider of digital telecare solutions, has won the ‘Best use of Technology’ category at this year’s UKCCF awards, for its CareNet call handling platform.

CareNet, a digital emergency monitoring platform for the management of Telecare, Telehealth, and Lone Worker services, connects older and vulnerable people in need of emergency support to call handlers based in Appello’s digitally enabled monitoring centre – the largest in the UK. CareNet was recognised for the influential role it plays in moving the telecare sector forward in a time of digital transition, and for the vast improvement it enables in ensuring emergency calls are received quickly and efficiently.

The digital platform enables the connection of these life critical calls faster than traditional analogue telecare, which can take upwards of 1m30s to connect and can be limited to one-way speech. Through CareNet, calls can reach Appello in just 3s, with two-way, crystal clear speech, and interface improvements present vital information to the call handler to aid effective triage of each call.

The UKCCF Best use of Technology award recognises the best in British Contact Centres or Customer Service operation that has achieved outstanding results through the innovative use of technology in the last 12 months. The category is judged on the technology’s ability to enable the organisation to consistently meet or exceed customer experience targets, improve access to its services, reduce customer effort, and improve employee engagement and enhanced productivity by empowering front line personnel.

Tim Barclay, CEO of Appello says: “We are absolutely thrilled to win this year’s UKCCF Best use of Technology award. In an emergency situation every second is critical and we’re extremely proud to have created a platform that can have a huge impact on the lives of our customers.

“Our business is underpinned by both technology and people, and we would have been unable to achieve this award without our brilliant staff and call handlers who work extremely hard every day with this life saving platform. This is great recognition for the work that everyone at Appello does every day. It is also testament to the way we work with suppliers like our platform provider ZephyrTel a to customise their offerings to make them best-in-class for our customer’s needs.”

About Appello:

Appello has over 30 years’ experience providing technology enabled care and life safety services that help housing, health and social care organisations improve the outcomes of services they provide to their residents and citizens. At the heart of our operations is the UK’s leading digital care services centre, supporting over 200,000 connections. Appello helps organisations to deliver personalised, coordinated care by integrating multiple technologies providing a view of an individual, managed through a digital, IoT ready, cloud-based care platform.


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Appello Acquires RedAssure


October 16th 2019: Appello, a provider of digital telecare solutions, has announced that it has successfully acquired RedAssure Independent Living, a provider of telecare services from Worthing Homes.

RedAssure has been providing telecare for over 20 years offering its services and supplying dispersed alarms to 700 residents in their own homes, in and around the Worthing area. Appello has provided the monitoring services of RedAssure’s telecare solutions since 2010, as part of a contract with Worthing Homes, but it will now take on all the RedAssure customers as direct customers of Appello on October 1st, 2019.

Craig Barlow, Chief Finance Officer at Appello says: “Our acquisition of RedAssure is further testament to the significant strides we are taking to grow our monitoring services at Appello – a core part of our business. Our commitment to exceptional monitoring service and our forward-thinking approach with digital technology is greatly valued by our customers, and means we are well placed to maintain our position as the largest specialist digital monitoring centre in the UK.

Mr Barlow continues: “Having already provided monitoring services to RedAssure’s customers, we are pleased to ensure the continuation of the great customer experience they are used to, directly.”

Simon Anderson, Head of Customer Services at Worthing Homes says: “We chose Appello’s bid as they are clearly market leaders in the delivery of telecare services and one of the highest quality providers of monitoring services in the market. We’ve long been impressed with Appello’s focus on quality and commitment to digital transformation.”





All-Party Parliamentary Group for Assistive Technology (APPG)


Gerry Allmark, MD of UKTelehealthcare, attended a recent meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Assisitve Technology on 16th July 2019 at Portcullis House, Westminster.  The group is made up of MPs and Peers who are interested in assistive technology and is designed to facilitate discussion between the sector and Parliament. Their mission is to promote policy that takes advantage of technology to make society more inclusive for all.

The meeting was chaired by Barry Sheerman MP and brought together officials from the Department for Health and Social Care, local authorities, care providers, smart home technology suppliers and other experts in the field. The discussion centred on how public policy and everyday practice could be reshaped to realise the potential of smart technologies to transform peoples’ lives.

The findings and recommendations from the discussion will form part of the APPG’s response to the Government’s forthcoming Green Paper on Adult Social Care, as well as helping to identify priorities for the group’s new workstream on social care and independent living.

Read the report on the meeting here – Smart Homes Briefing



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Chiptech enters the UK and European market, and welcomes a new CEO!



Chiptech is very pleased to announce its entrance into the United Kingdom and European markets under the leadership of David Hammond, who has been appointed as CEO. David has had a long and established record in the technology-enabled care market, innovating new products and services with Chubb and UTC, and will be the driving force behind business development in the UK and Europe.

David Hammond


Chiptech is a privately owned company specialising in the design and manufacture of high quality telecare products, including Apps and cloud software, that help people to live independently, safe and well.  The use of advanced technology ensures that Chiptech solutions are at the forefront of the digital transformation, now offering an extensive range of innovative solutions to the UK market.

Established in the year 2000 in Christchurch, New Zealand, Chiptech has developed into the leading provider of monitored personal alarms in Australasia. More recently, Chiptech has provided a range of products to support the government assisted rollout in Australia of digital solutions, to replace analogue copper landline devices. With well over 200,000 systems now in use, Chiptech’s experience can help lead UK Telecare providers, with a proven technology pathway that will assist with their digital journey.


Chiptech digital telecare products are recognised for their ease of use and reliability, while promoting independent living inside and outside the home. They are designed with a strong focus on automated safety checks in the base units and the help buttons. Events are logged and reported to monitoring, giving peace of mind that products will operate as expected in an emergency.

While Chiptech supplies end to end solutions, they openly work with other providers including Tunstall and Verklizan (UMO) and those offering open European monitoring standards, to report directly into their monitoring software. All Chiptech digital solutions are supported by an experienced team of engineers through the fleet management platform, SmartCare Cloud; including the ability to update devices while they are in the field.

Please contact for more information.

Chiptech International Limited


Phone: +44 (0)1524 544427