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Guinness Partnership kicks off transformation of its housing for older people with digital telecare from Appello


The new digital solution meets heightening customer demand for modern independent living and promotes digital inclusion

Guinness Partnership, a leading national provider of housing and care, is transforming its housing for older people with Appello’s digital telecare suite Smart Living Solutions (SLS). This move is part of Guinness’s plans to modernise its service offering for older people’s housing, helping its customers to live independently.

Guinness is consulting with its customers to gauge interest in a new package of services for older people for environmental, dementia friendly, independent living and technology improvements. As part of its new technology service offering, Guinness is introducing Appello’s digital telecare solution to 30 of its developments across England. Customers will benefit from the modern advantages of flat to flat and customer to manager video calls and video door entry for individual homes and communal areas.

Appello’s SLS can also integrate with Guinness’s ‘Go Guinness’ online self-service portal and app, designed to give its customers greater independence and freedom to report issues, view bills, pay rent, schedule repairs and keep their details up to date from a user-friendly tablet.

Independent Living Managers are supported with the new digital telecare solution, with the option of an ‘I’m OK’ dashboard in its management platform. Offered as an optional service for the Guinness customer, a manager can recognise if anyone hasn’t pressed their button in the morning, helping them to plan their home checks more efficiently and improve their time management. The digital alarm system also reduces connection times to Appello’s monitoring centre from minutes to just a few seconds, making a significant difference to emergency or life-threatening situations.

Wendy Wells, Head of Policy and Business Implementation at Guinness Care, said: “We want to give our customers digital telecare technology that enables them to live as independently as possible. Over the past 10 years there’s been a shift in requirements from our customers, particularly with an increased demand for more digital inclusion and modern homes that they are proud to live in and don’t show obvious signs of ageing; like traditional pull-cords for alarm systems.

“Appello’s offering is modern, well designed and fit for purpose, with one system alone giving us the ability to be responsive, preventative and promote digital inclusion. Whilst benefiting from the many advantages of digital solutions, we’re also ready for the current phased digital switchover of the analogue to digital telephone network by 2025.

Tim Barclay, CEO of Appello, said: “The Guinness Partnership has exciting aspirations to meet changing resident expectations and adopt new innovations. We are delighted to partner with them on these new initiatives to meet the present and future safety and well-being needs of its customers.

“Its vision for housing for older people is forward thinking and will help to support the welfare and independence of an ever growing ageing population.”



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Appello recognised for outstanding monitoring centre technology


Life critical CareNet platform, created by Appello, scoops top award for contact centre technology of the year at the 2019 UKCCF awards

Appello, a provider of digital telecare solutions, has won the ‘Best use of Technology’ category at this year’s UKCCF awards, for its CareNet call handling platform.

CareNet, a digital emergency monitoring platform for the management of Telecare, Telehealth, and Lone Worker services, connects older and vulnerable people in need of emergency support to call handlers based in Appello’s digitally enabled monitoring centre – the largest in the UK. CareNet was recognised for the influential role it plays in moving the telecare sector forward in a time of digital transition, and for the vast improvement it enables in ensuring emergency calls are received quickly and efficiently.

The digital platform enables the connection of these life critical calls faster than traditional analogue telecare, which can take upwards of 1m30s to connect and can be limited to one-way speech. Through CareNet, calls can reach Appello in just 3s, with two-way, crystal clear speech, and interface improvements present vital information to the call handler to aid effective triage of each call.

The UKCCF Best use of Technology award recognises the best in British Contact Centres or Customer Service operation that has achieved outstanding results through the innovative use of technology in the last 12 months. The category is judged on the technology’s ability to enable the organisation to consistently meet or exceed customer experience targets, improve access to its services, reduce customer effort, and improve employee engagement and enhanced productivity by empowering front line personnel.

Tim Barclay, CEO of Appello says: “We are absolutely thrilled to win this year’s UKCCF Best use of Technology award. In an emergency situation every second is critical and we’re extremely proud to have created a platform that can have a huge impact on the lives of our customers.

“Our business is underpinned by both technology and people, and we would have been unable to achieve this award without our brilliant staff and call handlers who work extremely hard every day with this life saving platform. This is great recognition for the work that everyone at Appello does every day. It is also testament to the way we work with suppliers like our platform provider ZephyrTel a to customise their offerings to make them best-in-class for our customer’s needs.”

About Appello:

Appello has over 30 years’ experience providing technology enabled care and life safety services that help housing, health and social care organisations improve the outcomes of services they provide to their residents and citizens. At the heart of our operations is the UK’s leading digital care services centre, supporting over 200,000 connections. Appello helps organisations to deliver personalised, coordinated care by integrating multiple technologies providing a view of an individual, managed through a digital, IoT ready, cloud-based care platform.



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Appello Acquires RedAssure


October 16th 2019: Appello, a provider of digital telecare solutions, has announced that it has successfully acquired RedAssure Independent Living, a provider of telecare services from Worthing Homes.

RedAssure has been providing telecare for over 20 years offering its services and supplying dispersed alarms to 700 residents in their own homes, in and around the Worthing area. Appello has provided the monitoring services of RedAssure’s telecare solutions since 2010, as part of a contract with Worthing Homes, but it will now take on all the RedAssure customers as direct customers of Appello on October 1st, 2019.

Craig Barlow, Chief Finance Officer at Appello says: “Our acquisition of RedAssure is further testament to the significant strides we are taking to grow our monitoring services at Appello – a core part of our business. Our commitment to exceptional monitoring service and our forward-thinking approach with digital technology is greatly valued by our customers, and means we are well placed to maintain our position as the largest specialist digital monitoring centre in the UK.

Mr Barlow continues: “Having already provided monitoring services to RedAssure’s customers, we are pleased to ensure the continuation of the great customer experience they are used to, directly.”

Simon Anderson, Head of Customer Services at Worthing Homes says: “We chose Appello’s bid as they are clearly market leaders in the delivery of telecare services and one of the highest quality providers of monitoring services in the market. We’ve long been impressed with Appello’s focus on quality and commitment to digital transformation.”




All-Party Parliamentary Group for Assistive Technology (APPG)


Gerry Allmark, MD of UKTelehealthcare, attended a recent meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Assisitve Technology on 16th July 2019 at Portcullis House, Westminster.  The group is made up of MPs and Peers who are interested in assistive technology and is designed to facilitate discussion between the sector and Parliament. Their mission is to promote policy that takes advantage of technology to make society more inclusive for all.

The meeting was chaired by Barry Sheerman MP and brought together officials from the Department for Health and Social Care, local authorities, care providers, smart home technology suppliers and other experts in the field. The discussion centred on how public policy and everyday practice could be reshaped to realise the potential of smart technologies to transform peoples’ lives.

The findings and recommendations from the discussion will form part of the APPG’s response to the Government’s forthcoming Green Paper on Adult Social Care, as well as helping to identify priorities for the group’s new workstream on social care and independent living.

Read the report on the meeting here – Smart Homes Briefing



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First Scottish Housing Association embraces digital telecare using Appello

 Caledonia Housing Association’s Servite House first in Scotland to move to modern solution to reduce resident loneliness and support digital inclusion

June 2019 – Caledonia Housing Association has invested in Appello’s digital telecare solution to support its digital inclusion strategy for older people. Aiming to promote social inclusion and combat loneliness, the innovative housing provider is introducing Appello’s Smart Living Solutions (SLS) in one of its flagship retirement housing developments in Monifieth.

Replacing the analogue call system, Appello’s digital solution gives tenants all of the modern benefits of apartment to apartment and resident to manager video calls, video door entry and Wi-Fi in communal areas. It also reduces connection times to Appello’s monitoring centre from minutes to just a few seconds, making a significant difference to emergency or life-threatening situations.

The integration of the Appello system with ‘Connect’, Caledonia’s online self-service portal and app, gives tenants greater independence to maintain their tenancy with the ability to report issues, view bills, pay rent, schedule repairs and keep their details up to date from a user-friendly tablet.

Andy Dorrat, Team Leader for Older Person’s Housing Services, Caledonia Housing Association says, “We wanted to move on from the old fashioned ‘big red button’ and looked for an innovative solution with better functionality, improved security and faster connection times.

“The Appello system ticked a lot of the boxes for modernising our current system especially with the speed of Appello’s digital connection. The integration with Connect, our self-service portal and app, supports our digital inclusion strategy, empowering tenants to take control of their own requests and remain as independent as possible. Many tenants don’t have smartphones, so the larger screen on the Appello LivingHub is perfect for them to navigate.”

, Linda Nairn and Pam Oram
Caledonia’s scheme manager, Linda Nairn (right) and Pam Oram, a resident of its Monifieth housing development (left) with Appello’s Smart Living Solutions

Linda Nairn, Scheme Manager at Caledonia’s Monifieth development says, “The quick response time from the Appello monitoring centre has been very impressive and has given me complete peace of mind that if I am offsite or supporting another resident, resident calls will go straight to the help they need in seconds.

“Appello’s SLS is so easy to use, giving me instant visibility across the development. The tenants are delighted with the attractive wristbands that have replaced the heavy cumbersome pendants, which most never wore. My new handset used during development visits is far more modern and never goes out of range.  Importantly, the tenants are delighted at being able to contact one another socially via video call and are reassured by the extra security the cameras give via the video door entry.”


Tim Barclay, CEO of Appello says, “We are so pleased to see Caledonia’s Servite House in Monifieth become the first scheme in Scotland to embrace a fully digital telecare solution. Caledonia’s innovative approach to digital inclusion is forward thinking in an industry that still relies heavily on less safe and outdated analogue technology. We are proud that Appello Smart Living Solutions offer such great support to scheme managers whose time is often stretched across multiple developments, while improving the lives of tenants who can enjoy the benefits of digital inclusion.”

Caledonia Housing Association currently has around 5,000 properties in Scotland, providing a mixture of general needs, amenity, retirement living and very sheltered housing for affordable rent throughout Scotland.



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Chiptech enters the UK and European market, and welcomes a new CEO!



Chiptech is very pleased to announce its entrance into the United Kingdom and European markets under the leadership of David Hammond, who has been appointed as CEO. David has had a long and established record in the technology-enabled care market, innovating new products and services with Chubb and UTC, and will be the driving force behind business development in the UK and Europe.

David Hammond


Chiptech is a privately owned company specialising in the design and manufacture of high quality telecare products, including Apps and cloud software, that help people to live independently, safe and well.  The use of advanced technology ensures that Chiptech solutions are at the forefront of the digital transformation, now offering an extensive range of innovative solutions to the UK market.

Established in the year 2000 in Christchurch, New Zealand, Chiptech has developed into the leading provider of monitored personal alarms in Australasia. More recently, Chiptech has provided a range of products to support the government assisted rollout in Australia of digital solutions, to replace analogue copper landline devices. With well over 200,000 systems now in use, Chiptech’s experience can help lead UK Telecare providers, with a proven technology pathway that will assist with their digital journey.


Chiptech digital telecare products are recognised for their ease of use and reliability, while promoting independent living inside and outside the home. They are designed with a strong focus on automated safety checks in the base units and the help buttons. Events are logged and reported to monitoring, giving peace of mind that products will operate as expected in an emergency.

While Chiptech supplies end to end solutions, they openly work with other providers including Tunstall and Verklizan (UMO) and those offering open European monitoring standards, to report directly into their monitoring software. All Chiptech digital solutions are supported by an experienced team of engineers through the fleet management platform, SmartCare Cloud; including the ability to update devices while they are in the field.

Please contact for more information.

Chiptech International Limited


Phone: +44 (0)1524 544427



Press Release, 12th June 2019


A new report from Socitm Inform and Socitm Advisory, in association with Essex County Council, provides an independent review of the care technology market within social care.

Based on interviews with commissioners, suppliers and industry associations, the ‘Care Technology Landscape Review’ shows that the market will be in considerable flux over the next 5 years. There is the threat of disruption as UK telecommunications shift from analogue to digital, which will require commissioners to be actively engaged to ensure the safety of service users is not compromised. Market consolidation of monitoring centres will continue, possibly even accelerate, due to the scale of investment required to migrate to digital.

It is also as yet unclear which of the many digital telecare suppliers will be able to achieve scale, nor how quickly the industry will achieve open interoperability with health and social care data. Alongside this, potential uses of the data has attracted new players, including global technology companies, and is intensifying information governance and data ethics concerns.

For local authorities wishing to make strategic choices around care technology, the report also introduces a new model for classifying the commercial options most commonly used for care technology deployment.

On launching the report, Russ Charlesworth, Director of Health & Social Care at Socitm Advisory highlighted “care technology is already supporting changes in public attitudes towards more independent living and individuals taking better care of themselves. While the technology still has a long way to go, the care profession is also coming to terms with how technology enhances care rather than it substituting the human touch”.

A full copy of the ‘Care Technology Landscape Review’, which forms part of Socitm’s ongoing research programme on priority policy themes across health and wellbeing, is available through Socitm’s website or by contacting

Notes: Interoperability is the means by which many systems can combine information sources by adopting data standards.

The report can also be downloaded here: Care Technology Landscape Review



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Plus Dane Housing begins digital journey with Appello


The housing provider will now offer its residents internet access with Appello’s digital telecare solution


14 May 2019 – Plus Dane Housing, a provider of residential and extra care housing for older people, across Merseyside and Cheshire has selected Appello as its partner to provide its first digital telecare solutions for residents. Appello will supply digital monitoring services to all 13 of Plus Dane’s residential and extra care schemes, and will begin installing its digital telecare infrastructure and Smart Living Solutions (SLS) suite into eight sites, replacing current analogue systems.

From a wall mounted tablet, Smart Living Solutions offers room-to-room video calling, video door entry and faster call connection times. It can also act as a wireless hotspot, which allows residents to access the internet without needing to invest in a traditional pay monthly arrangement with an ISP. Wi-Fi is not always available in communal areas and residents may not have a broadband subscription, so this opens up the opportunity for Plus Dane to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) enabled solutions, such as voice activated systems which can control lights, curtains, blinds and heating, benefiting residents with mobility issues.

Chris Birch, Older Person’s Technology Lead at Plus Dane Housing says, “It’s important to us that our residents benefit from up-to-date technology. As part of our ongoing digital strategy we recognise that Wi-Fi access is important, and that a video-enabled solution can reduce social isolation. We chose Appello because we were aware of the digital changeover taking place and the resident safety issues associated with this as the networks can no longer support the older analogue technology. As one of the only telecare providers who can offer an end-to-end digital solution they were clearly the right supplier for us.

“Appello is really forward thinking and we also found that its values aligned closely with our own. They’re clearly working with us because they want to make our service better.”

Tim Barclay, CEO at Appello says, “We are pleased to be working with Plus Dane, a housing provider that recognises the importance of embracing digital solutions for the benefit of their residents and staff. They are one of a growing number of housing providers embracing true end-to-end digital and we are looking forward to seeing residents utilising the system in the coming months to stay safe and involved in their communities. From feedback we have received, 8 out of 10 residents feel that the connection speed of digital systems gives them greater reassurance, 9 out of 10 feel safer and half say their overall wellbeing improves. We are looking forward to seeing the residents of Plus Dane’s properties benefit similarly.”

The project will begin in May, with a full rollout of the digital monitoring service to all 13 schemes.



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Keyguard XL Key Safe with LPS 1175: Issue 8


The Keyguard XL key safe achieves the latest attack-testing LPS 1175: Issue 8  

The UK’s leading supplier of crime prevention and community safety products introduces the first and only key safe to pass attack-testing at LPS 1175: Issue 8.

Issue 8 is the most recent testing standard of the globally recognised brand, LPCB. The Keyguard XL is now cementing its place as the industry’s leading key safe, after achieving security rating A3.

Its Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification certification is underlined by the product surviving a three-minute physical attack test against the latest category A tools. Signifying a robust and well sought-after option for key security and access needs.

Demonstrating our core values of customer involvement, this product has been altered in partnership to now possess features like no other and to deliver market leading solutions. This new accreditation means it is certified for fixing to rendered walls of varied depths. With no requirement of certified installers, the product also comes with a five-year warranty.

The 12-digit push-button design allows over 4000 entry code options for security and peace of mind. This key safe has proven to be a huge hit with day-to-day workers such as care providers, labourer’s and cleaners. This product is the number one convenience tool creating controlled access.

“It is a great pleasure to work alongside Solon Security who I have known for so many years”, says Hazel Goss, SBD Development Officer, “it is always exciting when a new product comes out and the Burton Keyguard XL has reached LPS1175: Issue 8 Security Rating A3, the first of its kind to achieve this standard. It will be another excellent product aiming to reduce crime.”

“Independent attack tests don’t lie”, adds David Simpson, Marketing & Sourcing Manager at Solon Security, “as the first and only model to pass LPS 1175: Issue 8, the Keyguard XL has cemented its place as the highest security key safe on the market today. Customers can buy with confidence knowing that the XL has been put through its paces against the newest tools and methods available to security rating A3.”

The Keyguard XL key safe is available from Solon Security. For prices and enquiries, please use the contact details below:

T: 01352 762266




Solon Key Safes


External (HWD mm):         160 x 95 x 55

Internal (HWD mm):          70 x 50 x 20

Weight (g):                        2000.0

Installation:                       Wall mounted

Code Entry:                     Push button





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