Local Service Providers

Our service provider members are mainly drawn from local authorities. They offer all or some of these provisions: call monitoring from telecare equipment, mobile response services, installations services and advice on assessment for equipment and some also offer telehealth services. Many of our service provider members offer services that are relevant to a 24 hour, every day service such as out of hours call handling for housing and social services. Our service provider members are able to share information, knowledge and experience through posting blogs on our website, posing questions at our virtual events and they also look forward to attending our MarketPlace events that are held regionally.

Private Service Providers

We also cater for service providers who offer monitoring and other related services nationally. Membership subscriptions are higher than those for local services as these members are able to present at our virtual events with mailouts afterwards and have stands at our live MarketPlace events.

Support Members

Support members are drawn from the commercial supply and services sector of our industry and our current membership ranges from the very largest national and international companies to small ‘start-ups’ and SMEs. Many of our 50+ support members support our regional MarketPlace events by exhibiting their products and services. Often they will be invited to make presentations at these events as well as presentations at our virtual events. From time to time our support members support us through sponsorship, advertising and awareness initiatives.

Emergency, Statutory and Third Sector Organisations

We are always seeking ways to engage with these organisations and we welcome such as Fire and Rescue, Ambulance Services, NHS-England, Age UK, Alzheimers Society, Helplines Partnership and others to our events.

Please contact us for details.

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