UKTelehealthcare’s mission is to support health and care professionals and suppliers to deliver the widest choice and range of appropriate Technology Enabled Care Services to patients, service users and their carers’ and to raise awareness of these services to the public so that they can make informed choices of how this will benefit their care and support.

Our regular forums, MarketPlaces and workshops give all our UK members the chance to meet and network with their other industry professionals, exchange information on best practice and benchmark operational statistics. These events also keep our members up to date with new products and services, some of which can be purchased at our consortium rates.

All of the above is included in the cost of annual membership. If you are interested in joining  go to the Join Us page.


UKTHC Executive Board Members

Doug Miles; UKTHC; Chairman

Gerry Allmark; UKTHC;  Managing Director

Brad Rogers; Future Care UK;  representing Private Providers

Brenda Jackson; Chichester Careline;   W. Sussex

Dave Jewer; Chichester Careline;  W. Sussex

Joel Caines; Brighton & Hove;  E. Sussex


Karen Bradshaw; Westminster Council;  London Councils

Kieran McCausland; Tynetec;  Supply Sector

Lorraine Tellis; Mole Valley DC;  Surrey

Mark Baker; Elmbridge BC;  Surrey

Mike Dines; EasyLink UK;  Supply Sector

Paul Allis;  Supply Sector

Suzette Simon; MASCOT Telecare;  London Councils



UKTHC Directors

Doug Miles

Doug Miles – Chairman

The organisation we now call UKTelehealthcare was formed as London Telecare Ltd in 2005 by John Chambers and I. However, as a  professional support group in the telecare sector it has been around for nearly 30 years in Greater London. I have chaired this group for over two decades. This began in the early 1990s when I worked in older peoples’ services and headed up MASCOT Telecare for Merton Council. This is where John and I met and John, through his marketing expertise, helped to put MASCOT on the telecare map.

I joined MASCOT from a short time with Shaftesbury Housing where I learned how technology could benefit vulnerable people. The industry has moved on considerably since those early days and we at UKTelehealthcare are dedicated to introducing the very best innovations to our members, as well as being committed to promoting awareness to the public.

Prior to coming into social care I ran my own business and this experience, together with dogged determination and focus, has proved invaluable in working alongside John over the years to create the organisation we have today.. Although we are growing at a fast rate, both John and I and the rest of our team are determined to keep our focus well and truly on our members; helping them, in turn, to meet community needs in social care and health using assistive technology.



Gerry Allmark

Gerry Allmark – Managing Director

Through my position as Managing Director of UKTelehealthcare, I bring to members a significant level of healthcare experience gained over a number of years within the public and private sectors.

Having served at a senior level within the Health and Social Care sectors, I have developed and gathered an excellent network of professionals including those within CCG’s, Hospital Trusts, Local Authorities, Social Care Providers, RSL’s, Trade Organisations and Academia. With additional experience within a board room environment, I have an understanding of the needs of our members and the application of solutions.

Add strategic partnership experience within organisations such as The Kings Fund, Royal Society of Medicine, NICE, The international Alliance for Patients, Association of British Health Industries and The Telecare Services Association, I am well placed to add value to any organisation through UKTHC.



Julia Allmark – IT and Finance Manager/Company Secretary

As the I.T. and Finance Manager for UKTelehealthcare I am responsible for the management of the website, invoicing, financial planning and budgets and I am also the Company Secretary for UKTelehealthcare (London Telecare Ltd.)

Most of my professional career has been in the information technology industry, initially working for national and multinational companies including The University of London, Courage and Shell UK.

After a career break I moved into I.T. in the education sector where I held the role of  I.C.T. Manager and Adviser to several schools at primary and secondary level.  My next role was in the health sector where I held the position of I.C.T. Officer and Data Protection Officer.  My role included responsibility for the company’s I.T. systems and membership databases as well as planning the relocation of all I.T. facilities to their new headquarters.

Apart from managing the technology and finances for UKTelehealthcare I also enjoy dealing with our members both remotely and face-to-face at the various MarketPlace events and trade shows I attend.