Virgin Media

Virgin Media, in common with other Communication Providers, is updating the way we deliver our telephone services. These services will no longer be delivered over the technology of the past, but instead will be delivered over IP Voice technology that is designed for the future.

These changes may affect you and your customers if the products or services you supply rely on the legacy public switched telephone network (PSTN), which is the case for many tele-care providers.

We need your assistance to identify customers that are common to our respective services to ensure that the appropriate support can be provided during this transition. Specifically we would like you to provide us with the telephone numbers that your solutions use to call your Alarm Receiving Centres.

Further to this, we would like to understand if your ARCs have different telephone numbers depending on the purpose of the device or solution. For example, we would like to know if tele-care devices call a different number to security alarms.

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With BT Having announced its intention to move all voice communications to an IP platform by 2025 we’ve created a new blog on our website dedicated to the all IP rollout that they and most Communication Providers (CPs) will be implementing.

For users, the key change is that telephone services will run over broadband. Phones will connect to a broadband router instead of being plugged into the phone socket on the wall. Exactly how they connect (i.e. if they are plugged in or work wirelessly) will depend on the type of phone being used. This means that any ‘Life Line’ device that currently plugs in to the phone line in a similar way will need to be tested to ensure it will work on the all IP network.

BT will continue to provide regular updates in the coming months and they’ll be contacting many of our members to talk about testing equipment and identifying users of telecare systems. In the meantime take some time to read their information leaflet and meet the team working on the project.

We also welcome similar posts from other CPs and will be actively encouraging participation in this blog to ensure everyone is fully aware of developments.