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Wellwise is developing a digital telecare/telehealth service platform that allows service users and all the care delivery stakeholders across the Health, Social and Informal sectors to communicate and share information more easily using a common system. The service is designed to be customised to individuals and institutions from a range of options that help carers remotely manage a range of needs. The aim of this survey is to understand the potential demand, expected benefits and necessary steps towards adoption of the new service. If you have a few minutes to answer our questions below it will help us to ensure we deliver what’s needed.

GDPR Compliance Statement

As a participant in this project we shall only contact you by phone or email if these details have been provided.  The data you supply through the questionnaires will be anonymised, edited and collated into confidential ‘research findings’ which will be shared with NHS, SBRI, Care Sector, financial and research partners. The information given will also be used to refine our platform delivery.  You may access the data we hold on you at any time by emailing admin@uktelehealthcare.com.  Your information is held securely and we use a GDPR compliant email service (Mailchimp).