Cost of services

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Hello everyone, Would Telecare service providers be able to advise me of the cost of monitoring and response services they  are charging to their service users. Please direct message me with info to- Thank you.

Planning new assistive care strategy

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Richmond and Wandsworth Council’s SSA(Shared Services Arrangement) are planning a new strategy where they want to offer new digital equipment beyond traditional telecare to vulnerable service users. The type of equipment will range from wearables using an IP route, Internet … Continued

Smoke detector installations

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Here at Wandsworth, we have only in the last six months been installing smoke detectors for our WATCH Lifeline clients as a standard package. We also have a backlog of clients who don’t currently have linked smoke detectors who we … Continued

BT Redcare

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Here at Wandsworth and Richmond BCs, we shall be going through a re-organisation next year. Our monitoring and control room services will be fully amalgamated to encompass Careline/WATCHline monitoring services, CCTV and borough emergency control centre functions. It appears that … Continued

Telehealthcare Awareness Week

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Wandsworth Council’s WATCH and Telecare Service held a presentation and demo of the current technology the service is offering in the borough at Carey Gardens Sheltered Housing Scheme in Battersea SW8.