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We are currently reviewing our rota, which at present we have day staff and night workers.  We wish to keep this format of designated night staff.  Would anyone be willing to share their current work patterns.  We are only a … Continued

Request for information

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Hello Everyone – Here in Tower Hamlets we are taking a look at how we might improve the provision of assistive technology to help people to live independently in their homes. Our current model for Assistive Technology operates alongside our … Continued

Smoke detector installations

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Here at Wandsworth, we have only in the last six months been installing smoke detectors for our WATCH Lifeline clients as a standard package. We also have a backlog of clients who don’t currently have linked smoke detectors who we … Continued

Medpage Product Launch

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Dementia, Autism Care Fall Prevention and Wander Detection Carer Alert System with Bed Leaving Alarm, Door Alarm, PIR Movement Sensor and Wireless Carer Alarm Receiver Caring for a person at home living with dementia or autism is challenging, distressing and … Continued