Assisted living / environmental aids

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I am looking for information about systems that can help with automated window opening, electric blinds, etc for clients that have mobility or dexterity limits and want to be more independent. Look forward to hearing thoughts or links…..

Tunstall Vibby Fall Detector

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Has anyone used, or trialled, the Tunstall Vibby fall detector. I understand that is designed to alert of a “heavy fall” but this is obviously open to interpretation. Would anyone consider it as a suitable alternative to the iVi? Thank … Continued

Wi fi connectivity

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As the world is changing and we are looking at more devices that use internet connection and wi-fi. What do people think should be the basic level of service we should look for for a client in terms of internet … Continued

New Tech Group Blogging

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We now have a separate category for Tech Group blogs. To read technical blogs click on “Technical Forum” under “Members’ Area” .  To submit a technical blog click on “Technical Forum” under “Post Category”.