BT & UKTelehealthcare #GoDigitalNow Live Event

Free refreshments and lunch included for all delegates sponsored by

The “#GoDigitalNow” programme gave TEC’s providers the opportunity to engage with telecare suppliers, communications providers, health and social care providers and government agencies to help in planning their new digital services and ensure the safest transition for their service users and patients.

There was also the opportunity to view the latest digital products, solutions and services from over thirty TECS Suppliers from the UK and further afield at this event.

Delegates included:

TEC’s Commissioners, Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) teams, Public and Private sector Telecare Providers, Telecare Installers, Telecare Assessors, Housing Providers, Social Care teams, Occupational Therapists and any other professionals involved in supporting their service users to upgrade to a digital service.  

  • Essence SmartCare UK – Carl Ryan (Refreshments Sponsor)
  • NRS – James Lampert (Panel Facilitator)
  • DSIT – Gillis Holgersson
  • Openreach – John Livermore
  • 2iC-Care – Richard Keyse
  • Taking Care – Daniel Lennox
  • TEC Cymru – Aaron Edwards
  • BT – Chris Hockley

View BT’s Data Sharing Agreement Presentation here.

What’s data got to do with it?  Thinking differently in a digital world…

UKTelehealthcare and TEC Cymru (the national technology enabled care programme for Wales) held a webinar focusing on digital, data, and innovation within the telecare sector, ‘What’s data got to do with it?’.  We were supported by Attentive, IoTSG and Archangel, to showcase the latest developments in digital dispersed alarms, IoT and LoRa solutions, connected care platforms and more!

The event kickstarted with an overview of the Welsh Telecare Dataset (WTD), which has recently received a data standard from NHS Wales.  This is the first national dataset relating to the telecare sector in the UK, and was co-authored with the Local Government Digital Office in Scotland.  But despite this being a Celtic endeavour, we invited colleagues from the whole of the UK who are interested in the importance of consistent, accurate telecare data that is system agnostic. 

It is our opinion that clean, concise and consistent data capture will help to drive transformation and interoperability within the TEC space.  Therefore, we have chosen suppliers to present at this event that share our vision of a connected ecosystem of devices and platforms in a digital world. So, what’s data got to with it? 

Click on the Presentation links on the Programme to view the organisation’s presentation and watch a recording of the event using the link below.

Password: 2dR#T=G$

This was the first in UKTelehealthcare’s programme of “#GoDigitalNow” events for 2024/25.

The future of healthcare is evolving before our eyes, presenting both unprecedented challenges and unparalleled opportunities. Join a conversation where we will delve into the pressing issues facing our healthcare landscape in the UK and explore how welfare technologies like Evondos can help solve some of these issues. Welcome!

Date: 10th April 2024
Time: 14:00 -14:45 CET (Central European Time zone)
Location: Online WebinarGeek. 

Register here: Webinar: Health Economics (

Skyresponse, a leader in alarm and event management, announces its extended collaboration with Hepro, a pioneering provider of healthcare technology. Together, we proudly introduce “Hepro Response – powered by Skyresponse”, a nurse call solution designed to transform the way nursing homes operate across Europe and beyond. With focus on simplicity, efficiency, and futureproofing, Hepro Response aims to empower Solution Providers and nursing homes with a comprehensive suite of hardware, software, and support services.

The Hepro Response Nurse Call Solution is a holistic offering, encompassing; hardware, software, configuration, site-planning, change management, onboarding, education and ongoing support. It addresses the evolving needs of modern nursing homes, ensuring smoother operations and enhanced patient care.

Tailored for Solution Providers worldwide, the Hepro Response solution provides a modern, well-proven, and future-proof Nurse Call System from the Nordics to their customers, including private and state-owned nursing homes. 

Interested in finding out more – join our free webinar on the 17th of April.

Recent Events

We’re excited to invite you to an exclusive webinar in collaboration with our technology partner,, about Analogue to Digital Alarm Management and how to Navigate the UK 2025 Switchover. 

Skyresponse is a Nordic cloud-platform that enables providers to go from analogue to digital alarm management – something that is of great importance as the UK Digital Switchover approaches.  

Drawing from our extensive experience and expertise in digital alarm management and communication, Skyresponse and are here to support you through this journey. In this joint webinar, we will provide you with essential tools andunderstanding of the available options for transitioning from analogue to digital alarm management. 

Learn everything you need to know about: 

  • The Risks
  • The Technology
  • The User Cases
  • The IT-security
  • The Analogue & Digital parallel
  • The Long-Term Advantages

Register your place today to join the webinar on the 13th of March!

We look forward to seeing you on the 13th of March

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A UKTelehealthcare Virtual Workshop

New Members Showcase & Future-proofing Current TECS Solutions

(10.00 – 12:00) Wednesday 29th November 2023

Our free virtual event on Wednesday 29th November opened with presentations from our three newest members to have joined UKTHC.

Cumbria Health on Call Logo
GBR Digital Logo

This was followed by presentations from three major TEC suppliers addressing key issues that are being felt in the industry.

Chiptech Logo
Legrand Logo
Chubb Logo

Delegates had the opportunity to submit their questions when registering and also on the day of the event.

The presentations and a recording of the event can be viewed by clicking on the links below.


Welcome and Introductions
Terence Allmark (Business Development Manager, UKTHC)



Gerry Allmark (Managing Director, UKTHC)

  • Stuart Carroll (Sales Director) – Chiptech
  • Cathy Hodgkinson (Senior Business Development Manager) – Legrand Care
  • Shaun Moscrop (General Manager) – Chubb (Presentation not available. See event recording).

Closing Remarks
Gerry Allmark (Managing Director, UKTHC)

Recording of Webinar Passcode: *45iYK9!

Bexley TECS Innovation Event

Free live TECS Event

Tuesday 3rd October 2023 (10.00 – 14.00)

London Borough of Bexley Civic Offices,

2 Watling St. Bexleyheath,

Kent DA6 7AT

London Borough of Bexley, in partnership with UKTelehealthcare, presented this TEC Innovation event which gave you a chance to engage with over thirty suppliers exhibiting the latest technology, together with a range of panel sessions and presentations during the course of the day. Free refreshments were also available.

Click on the links in the programme below to view the presentations.

10.00 – 10.05Welcome and Introductions – Gerry Allmark (Managing Director, UKTelehealthcare)
10.05 – 10.10London Borough of Bexley Introduction
10.10 – 10.20Bexley Assistive Technology Assessment Flowchart – Beth Kiarie
10.20 – 10.35Access Assure – Ronan Smith
10.35 – 11.30MarketPlace
11.30 – 12.00TECS Innovation Panel Session
Facilitated by Peter Reed-Forrester (Yorbl)
Panellists: Peter Kerley (Everon), Richard Keyse (2iC-Care), Mario Zuccaro (Oysta), Martin Reidevall (Skyresponse)
12.00 – 13.00MarketPlace
13.00 – 13.10BT Digital Voice – Chris Hockley (BT/EE)
13.10 – 13.20Activities of Daily LivingStuart Butterfield (Canary Care)
13.20 – 14.00MarketPlace

Exhibitor List

2ic-Care EvondosThe Keysafe Co.
AbiliaFrequency PrecisionLegrand (Tynetec)
AppelloGBR Digital HealthTECS Advisory
BTMedpage EasylinkTeleAlarm
Canary CareMobius NetworksVayyar
CareiumNS GroupYorbl
ChiptechNRS HealthcareZintouch
ChubbOysta TechnologyJust Checking
CSL DualcomPivotellAccess Group
Cumbria Health on CallPossumRed Alert
EssencePPP Taking Care

Sponsored by BT and Yorbl

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A UKTelehealthcare Virtual Workshop

Service Review and Redesign

(10.30 – 12:30) Wednesday 17th May 2023

Our second free event in this series covered Service Review and Redesign and was hosted by James Lampert, Head of Innovation & Partnerships TEC, NRS together with a panel of experts in the field.

This session would be of special interest to: TECS Installers / Engineers, Assessors, Commissioners, Service Leads and Managers.

The presentations and recording of the event can be viewed by clicking on the links below.


Welcome and Introductions
Gerry Allmark (Managing Director, UKTHC)


Presentation Content

  • Best Practice
  • Case Studies
  • Pitfalls and Challenges
  • Opportunities of Digital Services in TECS
  • Help and Support 

Panel Session
Facilitated by James Lampert – NRS Healthcare

Closing Remarks
Gerry Allmark (Managing Director, UKTHC)

Recording of Webinar Passcode: #6NHsMp^

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A UKTelehealthcare Virtual Workshop

Mobile Technology in TECS

(10.30 – 12:30) Wednesday 10th May 2023

As part of our ongoing virtual events on the Digital Phone Switchover we will be running a number of free virtual workshops with industry experts.  

Our first event in this series covered Mobile Technology in TECS and was hosted by two of our members who lead in this field – Mobius and CSL.

This session would be of special interest to: TECS Installers / Engineers, Assessors, Commissioners, Service Leads and Managers.

The presentation and recording of the event can be viewed by clicking on the links below.


Welcome and Introductions
Gerry Allmark (Managing Director, UKTHC)

Max Stevens (CSL) and Oliver Cox (Mobius Networks)

Mobile in Telecare Presentation

Panel Session
Max Stevens (CSL), Oliver Cox (Mobius Networks) and Adam Fay (CSL)

  • What Is Digital Telecare?
  • Why Mobile?
  • Cost Concerns
  • What’s Changing in Mobile?
  • Testing for an Efficient Install

Closing Remarks
Gerry Allmark (Managing Director, UKTHC)

Recording of Webinar Passcode: i+X7+hlH

Recent Events

The latest TECS innovations from twelve of our supplier members were shown at our on-line Innovation Showcases on the Wednesday 8th March and Wednesday 15th March 2023. 

This was a FREE opportunity to learn about the latest TECS offerings to help your services face the challenges of the workforce pressures in health and social care, winter pressures and the analogue to digital transformation of the UK telephone network.


TECS Innovation Showcase 2

Digital Event

(10.30 – 12:30) Wednesday 15th March 2023

The presentations from this event can be viewed by clicking on each presentation link and a recording of the event is available below.


Recording of Webinar Passcode: SEL?a136


TECS Innovation Showcase 1

Digital Event

(10.30 – 12:30) Wednesday 8th March 2023

The presentations from this event can be viewed by clicking on each presentation link and a recording of the event is available below.


Recording of Webinar Passcode: $q9n5c%C


Analogue to Digital Transformation Update.

Digital Event

(11:00 – 13:00) Wednesday 25th January 2023

2023 is almost here but 2025 is not that far behind!!! 

Following on from our 2022 panel events on the ongoing Analogue to Digital switch-over (recordings available on this page) we held our next virtual event “Analogue to Digital Transformation Update”.

Delegates had the chance to raise their questions to several major stakeholders including CP’s, NHS England, Local and Central Government and other related interest organisations. Each panellist had the opportunity to answer questions from the delegates on their organisation’s plans for the A2D transformation and how they will be supporting the TEC industry.  

A recording of the event can be viewed using the link below.


Panel Session

  • Facilitator – Steve Smith – TECS Advisory
  • David Christie – Virgin Media/O2
  • Phil Cain – TalkTalk
  • Sodhi Dhillon – BT, EE, Plusnet
  • Michael Swaffield – NHS England
  • John Livermore – Openreach
  • Sarah Shepherd – tecsUK
  • Gillis Holgersson – DCMS
  • Richard Parkinson – Farrpoint
  • Mark Williams – Local Government Association

Recording of Webinar Password: =bV?Uyi0


An Event of Two Halves!

Digital Event

(11:00 – 13:00) Wednesday 18th January 2023

Our virtual event held on Wednesday 18th January 2023 from 11:00 to 13:00 was an event of two halves! The first half was a New Members’ Showcase which included presentations from new members who all joined UKTHC at the end of 2022.

The second half of the event was a panel session where delegates were able to question major TEC suppliers on how they plan to support them through the Analogue to Digital transformation. 

A recording of the event and the presentations can be viewed using the links below.


New Members’ Showcase

  • Aaron Edwards (Telecare Programme Manager) – TEC Cymru: Presentation
  • Kim Nars (Business Development Manager) – Evondos: Presentation
  • Kathryn Scott (Head of Business Development) – Progress Lifeline: Presentation

Panel Session

  • Facilitator – Mark Bannister – TECS Advisory
  • Richard Bailey – TeleAlarm
  • David Hammond – Chiptech UK Ltd.
  • Shaun Moscrop – Chubb Community Care
  • Trevor Hoggard – Legrand Care
  • Carl Ryan – Essence SmartCare

Recording of Webinar Password: +H0GiB#U

Harnessing the “Technology” in Technology Enabled Care (TEC)

Digital Event

(11:00 – 13:00) Wednesday 2nd November 2022

Spock From Startrek.

It’s TEC, Jim, but not as we know it.

How are predictive technologies being used in TEC? Find out more about the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and their use in supporting independent living.

Forward looking leaders from the supplier sector gave their views on how we use IOT, AI, predictive technologies, health data, lifestyle monitoring etc. to support more people to live independently now and in the future.

Presentations from industry leaders with a panel session on the future of the digital health industry. Click on the Presentation links for each presentation and the recordings of the event can be found below.

  • Chair – Hector Alexander (Co-Founder) – Yokeru
  • Stuart Barclay (UK Sales Director) – Vayyar CarePresentation
  • Phil Bridges (Director) – Zintouch UK Ltd.
  • Richard Keyse (CEO & Founder) – 2iC-CarePresentation
  • Peter Reed-Forrester (CEO) – YorblPresentation
  • Lee Balfour (Sales Director) – Everon UK Ltd.Presentation

Recording of Webinar Part 1 Password: #=eX71n+

Recording of Webinar Part 2 Password: #=eX71n+

How SMART is Your Home?

Technology Enabled Support in the Home
Free Live TECS Event
Tuesday 27th September 2022 (10.00-14.00)

London Borough of Bexley, in partnership with UKTelehealthcare, hosted this forward-looking event where attendees had the opportunity to discover more about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Over 120 delegates attended and were able to explore how Smart Homes and TEC could be used to support their service users and patients, improve their quality of life, address workforce pressures and provide a range of cost-effective services in Health, Social Care and Housing.

Click on the links in the programme to access the presentations from the day.


10.00 – 10.15UKTHC Welcome & Introductions
Gerry Allmark (Managing Director UKTelehealthcare)
10.15 – 10.25London Borough of Bexley Introduction
Deborah Travers (Associate Director, Adult Social Care, Bexley Care)
10.25 – 10.45Smarter Homes for Independent Living
Clive Gilbert (Policy Manager, Assistive & Accessible Technology, Policy Connect)
10.45 – 12.15MarketPlace
12.15 – 12.30Metropolitan Police-Op Resolute, The Herbert Protocol
PC Sarah Lavington (Missing Person Co-ordinator, Bromley, Sutton & Croydon)
PC Bernadette Gay (Missing Person Co-ordinator, Bexley, Lewisham & Greenwich)
12.30 – 14.00MarketPlace


EasylinkTaking CareMet & Fire Brigade
EssenceTECS AdvisoryRed Alert
KraydelTeleAlarmReval CC
LegrandThe Keysafe Co.Vocala

Earlier events can be viewed on the Past Events page.