Find all the information about our Telehealthcare Awareness Day 2015 here. 

  •  Cair held an official opening on the 3rd June as their contribution to Telecare Day and to get some interest locally – See the Cair Press Release



  • See NEAT‘s event for the day – NEAT Flyer Telehealthcare Awareness Day – held at The Norwich Electronic Assistive Technology Centre (NEAT), The Queen’s Building, School of Health Sciences, University of East Anglia, Chancellor’s Drive, Norwich. NR4 7TJ.

NEAT is a facility at the School of Health Sciences of the University of East Anglia containing a fully furnished bungalow and an adjoining NEATstudio offering an interactive learning space. The centre also showcases assistive and adaptive technologies that can be used in one’s home.

The showcase afternoon was an opportunity for members of the public to have hands-on experience and increase awareness on the different types of ATs especially the different telecare systems.



Telehealthcare and community services in Sussex got behind Telehealthcare Awareness Day by holding a health and wellness exhibition with special reference to Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS). The event welcomed over two hundred visitors to Worthing’s iconic St Paul’s Centre and a dozen organisations concerned with health, social care and safety gave advice and information to both professionals and members of the local public. There was advice and information on telehealthcare, falls prevention, fire safety, support for carers, dealing with dementia and support for frailer, older people. However, what was made clear on the day is that telehealthcare and TECS are relevant for all ages and conditions.

Our thanks go to Adur and Worthing DC, Adur Community Alarm and Telecare Service, Falls Prevention Team, W. Sussex Fire and Rescue, Red Assure, Just Checking, MindMe, Carers’ Support, Welbeing, The coastal Adur and Worthing Prevention Assessment Team (PAT), Shaw Healthcare, W. Sussex Connect to Support and West Sussex CC. Also, sincere thanks to Beverley Burrell of UKTelehealthcare who organised the event and to Ed Kilroy and his team for facilitating the event so well.

“It was great, we gained a new customer in the first ten minutes”, Simon Anderson, Red Assure.

“ Just a great venue!”, Adrian Wolf, MindMe

“What an exciting way to inaugurate the annual UK Telehealthcare Awareness Day”, Doug Miles, UKTelehealthcare.



  • Tendring

On Wednesday 3rd June, to coincide with UKTelehealthcare’s Telehealth Awareness Day, Tendring Careline had the Grand Opening of its new Telecare Showroom. The showroom was opened by local actor Paul Barber (Denzil form Only Fools And Horses) and Tendring District Council Chairman, Fred Nicholls and is aimed at giving a comfortable place from where the staff can demonstrate the equipment and answer questions. During the day the showroom was visited by various health partners, other Carelines, Telecare equipment providers and local Service Users. All thought the showroom would be a great success and welcomed the opening.



  • Eldercare’s Event





  • CareLink hosted an open day at the Daily Living Centre in Brighton. See details below.

Carelink Poster      Carelink Press Release      BHCC Carelink Plus Brendan Ryan audio  



  • Wandsworth had a stand in the South Mall Shopping Centre – Wandsworth Flyer


  • Lewisham – To help celebrate Telehealthcare Awareness Day in Lewisham an email highlighting achievements to date with the safer walking/GPS project was circulated to staff.The project which began with just one GPS device and one assessor has grown to 25+ devices currently in use. The next steps are for more OT’s to be trained in assessing for, installing and reviewing GPS – enabling more service users and their families to benefit from the service. 50 people have used the GPS service to date.Information about assistive technology and telecare in Lewisham was also circulated to raise awareness about what is available in the borough.



  • Telehealthcare Awareness Day Toolkit 2015

Download the Telehealthcare Awareness Day logo to use on your website or publications for advertising Telehealthcare Awareness Day.

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Telehealthcare Awareness Day Logo 2015

The Telehealtcare Awareness Day poster can be downloaded here for publicising your event. Save it and open in Microsoft Word where you will find an editable section at the bottom to enter your own details and add your logo.

Telehealthcare Awareness Day Flyer 2015