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Presentations and a recording of our digital event held on Wednesday 29th November 2023 are now available on Events.

Keep Up To Date With The Digital Switchover!

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Openreach stop selling WLR. Read the latest letter on our Digital Phone Switchover page.

NCS Releases Universal Digital Composer. Further details on our Digital Phone Switchover section.

Guidance from Careium on the 2G and 3G phaseout and its impact on telecare. Read their report on our Digital Phone Switchover page.

BT roll out their new home phone service across East Midlands. Details on our Digital Phone Switchover page.

TECS Logo for telehealth, telecare and TECS

We have published a list of the latest digital ready telecare devices available. See our Digital Phone Switchover page.

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Everon have published a blog – How to Transition Safely from Analogue to Digital (Dos and Don’ts). Read more on our Digital Phone Switchover page.

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Openreach message to telecare ARCs and associated contacts. Read their letter on our Digital Phone Switchover page.

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TalkTalk encourage everyone to use their All IP Test Lab. Details on our Digital Phone Switchover page.


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Croydon Council have a new vacancy. See details on our Vacancies page.

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Read Everon’s article on misconceptions around SIM-based TEC solutions on News.

Astraline’s press release on their latest research project – The Science of Safer Homes – can now be read on News.

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Orbl CEO writes article on Assisted Living Technologies. Now available on News.

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NRS partners with Sheffield City Council. Read press release on News.

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Everon appoints a new CEO. Details on News.

Careium partners with IoT Solutions Group. More details on News.

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Is your risk register up to date? Read Everon’s article on News.

Careium awarded TSA QSF accreditation. More details on News.

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Skyresponse and TeleAlarm join forces. Read press release on News.

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Read Oysta’s latest press release, covered by ITV and BBC Radio Shropshire, on News.

Solon introduce their latest product – the Defender Pro-TEC. Read details on News.

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Everon has published a new blog by Jeremy Porteus, CEO, Housing LIN. More details on News.

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Listen to 2iC-Care’s brand new podcast – “Caring for the Future”. More details and links on News.

Astraline and Johnnie Johnson work on research project with CATCH (Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare). Read more on News.

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Trends in health tech: What can we expect in 2023? Read Tunstall’s press release on News.

Mindme Expands Their Enovation UMO Certification. More details in their press release on News.

What is Telecare, Telehealth and TECS?

View our web pages using the links below for an explanation of the terminology used and further information.

What is Telecare?    What is Telehealth?    What is TECS

Who are UKTelehealthcare?

UKTelehealthcare is the independent and impartial membership organisation for Telecare and Telehealth professionals, service providers, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Registered Social Landlords, suppliers and organisations with a related professional interest.

Our supply members include most of the UK companies which market the equipment monitoring the safety and well-being of the public, and our provider members include a large number of local authorities as well as private providers. We are dedicated to raising the profile of telecare and telehealth services by making people know how telehealthcare products can transform their lives.

Our mission is to support health and care professionals and suppliers to deliver the widest choice and range of appropriate Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) to patients, service users and their carers, and to raise awareness and encourage the use of technology.

Get the Answers from your Professional Network!

Members – Why not use our blogging facility to post questions, talk about your products or discuss issues in our General, All IP or Technical Forums? See one member’s comments below.

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“I have to say, this is my 1st time utilising the service (I have commented before, but not posted a question) and the response has been fantastic. The customer’s son ended up purchasing a device that was recommended by a forum member.”

John Patterson (Assistive Technology Co-ordinator) London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

All you need is a member’s web account. If you don’t have one email admin@uktelehealthcare.com.