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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Member,

As the government advice on social distancing and self-isolation means more people are now working from home, I wanted to remind you that you can share information and seek advice from other members by using the members blog on the UKTelehealthcare website.  We appreciate that our provider members are in the front line supporting some of the most vulnerable members of the public, and we hope that the blog will provide a means for members to support each other during these difficult times.

Supplier members can also use this facility to support the providers with advice updates and any other information on their equipment and services.  We are also happy to post your press releases and information on the website which you can email to admin@uktelehealthcare.com.

You will need to log in to use the blogging facility but if you do not have a web account please email julia@uktelehealthcare.com with your first name, surname and email address. Your organisation can have several individual accounts if required.

As the majority of health and care  events have been postponed or cancelled we want to support our members as much as possible through the website.  If you have any ideas or need to post information please contact us on 0208 004 9229 or email gerry@uktelehealthcare.com.

UKTelehealthcare Team.


Coronavirus Updates from Members


appello telecare organisation logo


Appello launches free guide and webinar. Find details here


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Coronavirus press release from The KeySafe Company. Click here to read 


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Oysta Launch the Oysta Lite to Aid Confidence after Lockdown. Read press release 12th June.


Coronavirus statement from Tunstall Healthcare – Please click here



Coronavirus press release from Legrand – Click here to read


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COVID-19 update from Doro/Welbeing. Click on this link.

Doro launches COVID-19 discharge service.

Doro launches COVID-19 service with East Sussex County Council.




CAIR UK supports Wigan Council during Coronavirus.  Click here to read press release



Coronavirus Information and Webinars

Gabby Prowse


Freelance GP practice training, facilitator and coach, Gabby Prowse, has shared these tips with us which members may find useful:

 Extreme Self Care Resilience




Managing Mental Health Services Digitally and Remotely

On-Demand Webinar


In this episode experts from Central and North West London NHS FT, NHS Practitioner Health, SilverCloud Health, Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS FT and Efficacy discuss managing mental health services digitally throughout and beyond COVID-19.

Download and Access Here

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The COVID effect – Chronic Conditions and Pain Management

Wednesday 12th August 2020 (14:00 – 15:00)


The panel of cross sector experts will explore how the pandemic has hugely altered the treatment of patients with chronic conditions, and specifically delayed the pain treatments of an estimated 150,000 people.

They will discuss the best way to look after the increased number of ‘left behind’ patients requiring pain management, and how to build clinician understanding and education on the available solutions.

They will also be examining what post-COVID pain management could look like, how you can use technology to appropriately care for complex patients (e.g. taking controlled drugs, needing care at home) and how you can address unmet clinical needs.

The Expert Speakers:

• Dr Mala Mawkin, Royal Society of Medicine, Cellen
• Yousaf Ahmad, Care UK
• Dr Natasha Curran, Health Innovation Network
• Dr Haggai Sharon, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

If you’re curious about the treatment of patients with chronic pain conditions register now to hear from our experts.

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Technology in Difficult Places.


Wednesday 12th August 2020 (13.20 – 14.30)


The Webinar Team includes several EKTG International Ambassadors:

Maggie Ellis, EKTG Coordinator
Ai-Lain Lim, International Ambassador, USA
Vadim Kramer, International Ambassador, Finland
Sabine Lobnig, International Ambassador, Austria
Spiros Peristeris, International Ambassador, Greece and Jordan

We will debate these issues and opportunities with you.

Any have particular questions you would like our panel of experts to address send
them to Maggie Ellis: westsqas@mac.com and we will try and get through them
during the discussion.

Register here for webinar

What is Telecare, Telehealth and TECS?

View our web pages using the links below for an explanation of the terminology used and further information.

What is Telecare?    What is Telehealth?    What is TECS


Keep Up To Date With The Digital Switchover!

Visit our new All IP page to read about the latest updates from BT, Virgin and other providers on the digital switchover.

The All IP Working Group (Ofcom, Openreach,  OTA, NICC, BSG and Virgin Media) have published their latest report – 28th May 2020.  Read the report on our All IP page.

Latest updates available from BT on how their IP plans will affect telecare users and ARCS.

Could all ARCS please provide their incoming telephone numbers – see our All IP page for further details.

If you are a member and have a user account you will also be able to access the new All IP Posts and read and respond to new posts.


Recent News

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Read the GDS July press release on putting digital at the heart of the community.



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Tunstall Healthcare reveals plans for continued growth. Read July press release here.


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Read  a brilliant newspaper article about Johnnie Johnson’s all female TEC team – “Charlie’s Angels” here.


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TECS Contract with West Sussex County Council and NHS goes Live. Read press release here.



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Tunstall Healthcare secures funding to support continued growth. Read their latest press release here.




UKTelehealthcare Represent Members at Two Parliamentary Events in 2020.

The UKTelehealthcare management team have begun the New Year by representing both suppliers and provider members at two Parliamentary events in Westminster.

PCHG panel and Chair
Policy Connect Health Group Panel and Chair Lord Bichard

On the 15th January we attended the Policy Connect Health Group meeting at the House of Commons on the Ageing Society: Beyond Medicalisation in the Future of Ageing which was chaired by Lord Michael Bichard.  The expert panel included Simon Bottery, Senior Fellow in Social Care, The Kings Fund  Dr Anna Dixon, CEO, Centre for Better Ageing, Dr Lorraine Morley, Age Tech Accelerator, UK Lead Professor Judith Phillips, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and Baroness Masham.

UKTelehealthcare members also attending the event included Centra, Welbeing, Doro and Possum.

The outcomes from this event will be published on our website once we have received them from our colleagues at Policy Connect.  UKTelehealthcare will continue to work with Policy Connect during the year on related initiatives in the digital health care space, including representing our members on the All Party Parliamentary Group for Assistive Technology (APPGAT).

You can find further information regarding this APPG at https://www.policyconnect.org.uk/appgat/home .



Lisa Cameron MP with Gerry Allmark and Raguraman Padmanabhan
Raguraman Padmanabhan (Telehealth/Care Navigators Clinical and Service Lead, East London NHS Foundation Trust), Lisa Cameron MP (APPG for Disability) and  Gerry Allmark (UKTHC MD)


On the 20th January Gerry Allmark UKTHC MD was invited to attend the European Knowledge Tree Group (EKTG) Symposium – The Value of the Silver Economy using the Gold of the Future which was chaired by Baroness Greengross at the House of Lords.

The Aim of the Symposium was to review the opportunities offered by options put forward by AAL Forum Solutions, the EU Blueprint, UK Government, Healthy Ageing, as recently debated by the HoL Science and Technology Committee. The Symposium also reviewed associated topics raised in earlier EKTG events; to innovate a system to support better awareness of the need to improve education and understanding of how technology can assist for a healthier population, and to identify support from others outside EKTG for this.



The Symposium heard presentations from EKTG members from Switzerland, Germany, UK, Ireland and the Netherlands with commercial input from Fujitsu, Agile Homes and Docobo.  There was also a presentation from Lisa Cameron MP who chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Disability.

Alan Willis (EKTG Leadership Group) asked delegates to consider the following actions:

  • What can you undertake – to further the awareness of eHealth services within your environment?
  • Summarize issues and possible actions – for your colleagues, policy makers, and others, that will act as a basis for action at both national and individual levels?
  • Support formal education and knowledge – for policy makers, professionals, industry, users and their families?
  • Identify at least two actions that you can take to go to the EKTG Board meeting on the 7th February 2020

UKTHC have also been requested to provide further input to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Disability by Lisa Cameron MP.


National report from Legrand and GGI calls for public sector leaders to maximise digital outcomes. Read more and download the full report on News.



appello telecare organisation logo

Appello acquires Medvivo’s Careline business. See our News page for further details.




John Cruickshank would like to thank all of our members who participated in the production of the SOCITM review of the care technology market within social care. Read more on News about the review and the report produced.



Members’ Events Coming Up

Please visit our Events page for further details.

2nd September 2020BT/OpenReach/UKTHC Webinar (11.00-12.00).  Further details to follow.

15th-16th September 2020 – Home Care Expo, ExCeL, London

9th-10th November 2020 – Naidex, NEC, Birmingham

10th-11th February 2021 – HETT, ExCeL, London

27th-28th April 2021 – HealthPlusCare Show, ExCeL, London


UKTelehealthcare is the independent and impartial membership organisation for Telecare and Telehealth professionals, service providers, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Registered Social Landlords, suppliers and organisations with a related professional interest.

Our supply members include most of the UK companies which market the equipment monitoring the safety and well-being of the public, and our provider members include a large number of local authorities as well as private providers. We are dedicated to raising the profile of telecare and telehealth services by making people know how telehealthcare products can transform their lives.

Our mission is to support health and care professionals and suppliers to deliver the widest choice and range of appropriate Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) to patients, service users and their carers, and to raise awareness and encourage the use of technology.


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“I have to say, this is my 1st time utilising the service (I have commented before, but not posted a question) and the response has been fantastic. The customer’s son ended up purchasing a device that was recommended by a forum member.”Hammersmith & Fulham Logo

John Patterson (Assistive Technology Co-ordinator) London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham


All you need is a member’s web account. If you don’t have one email admin@uktelehealthcare.com.